When a Ziptak blind is installed, the roll that the blind is attached to will be exposed unless flashing or pelmets are chosen.

Essentially, the purpose of these two features is to protect the blind when it is rolled up at the top and to fill the gap between the top of the roll/blind and whatever the blind is attached to – the deck beam or an outdoor structure like Flexiroof.

These two features are the finishing touch.

A flashing is an L-shaped piece of powder coated aluminium cut to the length of the finished blind and most often positioned on the outside of the blind to cover the top of the roll and fill in the gap. A standard bracket is used to accomodate an L-shaped flashing.

A pelmet or header box is an elegant oblong shape in powder coated aluminium, cut to the length of the blind and designed to contain the entire blind when it is rolled up. The rolled blind is invisible on BOTH the inside and the outside providing a complete warp of the blind.

All pelmets and flashings are manufactured from extruded aluminium.

If getting rid of insects in your outdoor room is a consideration, an additional extra is the Bug Brush which is attached to the inside of the header box making it difficult for insects and bugs to be a nuisance.

For an aesthetically pleasing finish, we recommend choosing either flashing or a pelmet – to eliminate the exposed gap between blind and structure and to add extra protection for the blind when rolled up.

Ziptrak Blind in Mesh with Flashing

Ziptrak Blind in Mesh with Pelmet

Ziptrak Blind in Mesh without flashing or a pelmet