When our customers come looking for outdoor blinds, they have various options to choose from at Canvas and Shades – including blinds we manufacture in the workshop and others we supply and install.

Our custom made Roller Blinds are manufactured using quality materials and they’re awesome – stylish, simple to use and functional.  Ziptrak® blinds are also designed with quality in mind but with a whole lot of extras that we can’t offer with our custom-made variety.

Ziptrak® are a popular choice and here’s why.

It’s important to most of our customers when looking to improve the purpose of their outdoor living space, that the product they choose not only looks fantastic (stylish, modern and smart) but is also functional (easy, simple and robust).

Ziptrak® blinds provide it all with options to suit most budgets.

We recommend Ziptrak® because;

  • They are available in Clear PVC or Mesh (options, colours, fabrics galore!) https://shadeelements.co.nz/fabric-collection/#ziptrak
  • They can be manual or motorised.
  • Smooth track guided
  • They can be left at any height (spring-loaded + centre lock release)
  • Optional extras include stylish pelmets + flashings
  • Controls temperature, airflow and light (mesh).
  • Sunscreen mesh in a fabulous range of colours and weaves.
  • Powder coat colour options to suit existing colour scheme.
  • Protection from the elements all year round.

One of the most common questions asked by customers in regard to Ziptrak® are about the materials – Clear PVC or Mesh. What’s best and why?

We advise installing Clear PVC Blinds for southern facing outdoor rooms/patios/decks – to let in maximum light, trap heat and keep the area dry all year round.

Any west facing outdoor area, where you would sit in the evening is when most people consider Mesh as the best option.

There are different grades in mesh which offer various advantages.

Extreme Mesh is the most closed of the weaves. At 3% open, this mesh is optimum for blocking rain, wind, insects and UV Light. This mesh gives complete shade in the Summer time.

Urban Mesh is the ‘goldilocks’ of all the choices available – not too open, not too closed – it’s just right. The weave is 5% open, letting in light, protecting from UV rays but also blocking rain and wind.

Classic Mesh is the most open weave in the range at 10%. This just means it is more suited to controlling sunlight and allowing a small breeze through. It is also ideal for limiting insects and UV rays.

Whatever Mesh you choose, they’re all available in a huge range of modern, stylish colours.

Mesh is by far more popular than Clear PVC and there’s a reason for this. Mesh has a longer life with more durability than Clear PVC, (a ten year warranty as opposed to a two year warranty on Clear) and is an endlessly good looking product.

It’s a myth that you can’t see through Mesh – which is another reason some people opt for Clear blinds without considering Mesh as a really great choice.

All our mesh grades, Classic, Urban and Extreme are designed to MAXIMISE visibility while providing privacy and shade – hence the name Shadeview mesh.

In the next blog, we will cover the advantages of pelmets and flashings and include a practical guide on the best way to clean and maintain Ziptrak® Blinds – whether they’re mesh or Clear PVC.