Canopy Tech Glazed Roofs


Made to last, with weather protection in any condition, we guarantee that our glazed roofs will delight you for years to come. Designed and manufactured here in New Zealand by Canopy Tech, our roofs are backed with a 10 year warranty and are available in a flat, gable and curved roof option, allowing you to customize the roof of your dreams for the outdoor space you deserve.

A fully customized glazed roof extends your outdoor living space and provides an idyllic area for relaxing or entertaining in any weather. For events like barbecues or birthday parties, a glazed roof ensures that your guests remain safe from natural weather changes while they enjoy the outdoors. These roofs offer 99% double sided UV protection as well as up to 30% heat reduction! That’s why you need a specialist that can deliver a high-quality and sophisticated roof, that will blend into any home while remaining fully functional and durable.

With the added bonus of visibility through the glazed roof, you’re able to enjoy the sunshine or the stars whilst being protected from the heat or elements.

Available in both clear and tinted panels, this structure is sure to elevate your outside area and stand the length of time. With plenty of designs and the full range of Dulux powder coating options, you need not settle for a simple cookie cutter set; our canopies meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Most of our designs have a generic PS1, making them fully compliant with the New Zealand building code and allowing for an easier process when obtaining building consent.

Our glazed roof difference!

  • Polycarbonate 4.5 mm thick flat sheet roof co-extruded on both sides with Clariant CESA®-light UV and Light Stabilisers, available in 4 colours: clear, bronze tinted, grey tinted, and opal.
  • Compatible with all outdoor blinds
  • Dulux® Powder Coating with over 50 colour options
  • Class-leading proprietary New Zealand designed and made aluminium extrusion frame with a larger, thicker, and more robust cross-section
  • Stainless steel accessories and fasteners
  • 99% UV blockage
  • 30% heat reduction



Size: 6m2 – 60m2

Wind Rating: 60+km/h

Rain Protection: Yes

UV Protection: Yes – 99%

Manufacturer: Canopy Tech

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

Collection: Roof Coverings